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Enhance your WiFi reception by using a Powerwifi antenna!

Enhance your WiFi reception with the best WiFi antenna

Standard WiFi equipment usually has a relatively short range of 10 - 40 meters which is also restricted by walls, doors and other obstacles.
Because of this the wireless connection to your access point is often not good.

Poor connection = Low speed

A weak signal also influences the speed of the connection . With a good WiFi antenna on your boat or caravan, you not only have a greater range, you will also have a better connection, which will result in a higher speed.


Powerwifi outdoor USB antenna

wifi antennaWith the Powerwifi USB WiFi antenna, the WiFi reception is greatly improved.
This antenna can easily be attached to a pole, with the included pole clamp, or to a wall with the optional mounting bracket .
You can also install the powerwifi permanently outside, for example on  your boat,
because this model is weatherproof and waterproof (IP67).

The Powerwifi  outdoor USB antenna comes with a long cable (5 metres) which is equipped with a USB connector.
Drivers for Windows, Macintosh and Linux are included.